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ABC Crafted Series

Iberian Coconut and Vanilla Medium Toasted Oak Chips (100g | 3.5 oz)

$3.95 CAD

ABC Crafted Series Iberian Coconut and Vanilla Medium Toasted Oak Chips: A Symphony of Aromatic Elegance

Master the Art of Flavorful Winemaking with Iberian Coconut and Vanilla Oak Chips

Embark on a winemaking journey with ABC CRAFTED SERIES Iberian Coconut and Vanilla Medium-Toasted Oak Chips, tailored for the small-batch wine enthusiast. Each 100-gram (3.52 oz) pack encapsulates the essence of winemaking excellence. Sourced from fine Iberian oak, these chips are renowned for their fine grain, high porosity, and permeability, making them a preferred choice for winemakers seeking to elevate their craft. The medium toast level of these chips is meticulously controlled to unleash a rich tapestry of coconut and vanilla flavors, skillfully blending with the wine’s inherent profile without overshadowing it.

Key Features:


Q: How do these oak chips enhance winemaking? A: They impart a unique coconut and vanilla profile, adding complexity to the aroma and taste without compromising the wine’s natural character.

Q: What makes these chips ideal for small-batch winemaking? A: Their specific particle size and unique toasting process ensure an even and effective flavor transfer suitable for small-scale production.

Q: Can these chips be used in different types of wines? A: Absolutely. Their versatile flavor profile complements a wide range of wines, from whites to reds.

Q: How does the medium toast influence the wine’s profile? A: It enhances the spice profile and introduces subtle vanilla and coconut aromas for a more structured and aromatic wine. 

Elevate Your Winemaking Craft: With ABC CRAFTED SERIES Iberian Coconut and Vanilla Medium Toasted Oak Chips, transform your winemaking into an art form. Unveil the full potential of your wines by integrating these premium oak chips into your process. Embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation in your winemaking journey.

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