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Muntons Premium Gold Dry Ale Yeast - Create Exceptional Ales with Ease (6 g | 0.21 oz)

$1.95 CAD

Brew Masterful Ales with Muntons Premium Gold Dry Ale Yeast

The Brewer's Choice for Premium Ales

Muntons Premium Gold Dry Ale Yeast is the gold standard for homebrewers seeking to craft various ale styles. This 6 g (0.21 oz) packet is engineered for superior attenuation and medium flocculation, yielding beers with exceptionally clean and crisp flavors.

Key Features:


Experience the art of ale brewing with Muntons Premium Gold Dry Ale Yeast. This expertly crafted yeast promises a seamless brewing journey, ideal for creating everything from the crispest pale ales to the richest stouts. Embrace the clean flavors, effortless fermentation, and waste-reducing characteristics that Muntons Premium Gold brings to your homebrewing exploits.

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