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ABC Cork Co

Universal Beer Caps 10000 per Case

$249.95 CAD

Craft Brewing's Preferred Choice: Universal Beer Caps for Every Bottle

Golden Seal, Fresh Feel!

Elevate your craft brewing experience with these universally fitting gold beer caps. Designed with precision for all standard glass beer bottles, these caps exemplify compatibility and deliver top-notch reliability. Made in Europe, they stand as a testament to quality and functionality. The additional oxygen barrier cap lining ensures that every bottle sealed is a promise of freshness and authenticity to your consumers.

Key Features:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do these caps fit all beer bottle sizes? A: These caps are universally designed to fit all standard glass beer bottles.

Q: Is a special tool required to attach these caps? A: You will need a capper (sold separately) to attach these caps securely.

Q: How do the caps maintain the beer's freshness? A: These caps feature an oxygen barrier cap lining that helps retain the beer's freshness.

Q: Is the gold finish just for aesthetics, or does it have other benefits? A: While the gold finish adds a touch of elegance, the primary function is to ensure a secure seal and compatibility with glass ends.

Q: How many caps are included in one selling unit? A: One selling unit includes 10,000 caps.

Q: Are these caps reusable? A: For best practice and to maintain the integrity of your brew, it's recommended to use new caps each time for effective sealing.

Ensure every bottle of your craft brew is sealed with excellence, trust, and a touch of golden elegance. A promise of European quality and expertise in every cap.

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