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The Vintage Shop

Small Tip Racking Cane (3/8 in | 0.95 cm)

$0.40 CAD

Optimize Your Brewing and Winemaking: Small Tip Racking Cane (3/8 in | 0.95 cm)

Precision and Safety for Your Homebrewing Needs

The Small Tip Racking Cane, measuring 3/8 inch in diameter, is essential for brewers and winemakers, ensuring precise and hygienic fluid transfers. Crafted from BPA-free materials, it guarantees the safe handling of your beverages, from ale to zinfandel. Designed for controlled, spill-free transfers, its small tip carefully manages every drop. It's important to note that while this racking cane excels in handling various fluids, it is not suitable for high-alcohol content liquids or sanitization with alcohol. However, its resilience to temperatures up to 60 °C (140 °F) makes it a versatile tool in your brewing arsenal.

Key Features:


Q: What is the diameter of the Small Tip Racking Cane? A: It features a 3/8 inch diameter for precise fluid transfer.

Q: Is this racking cane BPA-free? A: It's made from BPA-free material for safe use in brewing and winemaking.

Q: What is the maximum temperature this racking cane can handle? A: It can withstand temperatures up to 60 °C (140 °F), adding to its versatility.

Q: Can the Small Tip Racking Cane be used with high-alcohol liquids? A: It's not recommended for high-alcohol liquids or alcohol-based sanitization to maintain its integrity.

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