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The Vintage Shop

Small Auto Bottle Siphon (24in | 60.9 cm)

$9.25 CAD

Efficient and Safe Homebrew Siphoning: Small Auto Bottle Siphon

Simplify Your Siphoning Experience with Our Easy-to-Use, BPA-Free Siphon

Crafted for the homebrew enthusiast, the Small Auto Bottle Siphon offers a seamless and safe way to transfer liquids. This 24-inch (60.9 cm) siphon, made with high-quality, BPA-free acrylic material, ensures a worry-free siphoning process. Designed for ease, the siphon initiates flow with a single stroke, saving time and reducing manual effort. Its Anti-Sediment Tip guarantees a smooth, particle-free transfer, enhancing the quality of your brew. With its robust construction and proud Canadian craftsmanship, this siphon is a reliable tool in any homebrew kit.

Key Features:


Q: Can I use high levels of alcohol with the Small Auto Bottle Siphon? A: The Small Auto Bottle Siphon is not designed for high alcohol levels and should not be sanitized with alcohol.

Q: What is the maximum temperature tolerance of the siphon? A: The siphon can safely tolerate temperatures up to 60 °C (140 °F).

Q: How do I start the siphon using the Small Auto Bottle Siphon? A: Initiate the siphon with a single stroke for quick and easy liquid transfer.

Q: How should I maintain the Easy Siphon's longevity? A: Ensure the longevity of the siphon by wetting its inner walls and O-Ring each time it is assembled.

Q: What size hose does the 3/8” racking tube fit? A: The 3/8” racking tube fits a standard 5/16" x 7/16" hose for a secure siphoning connection.

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